Hi I am Philippe

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Hi I am Philippe

Post by philippe » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:19 pm

I am French ... leave near Paris (St. Mandé)
I am on my free time ... an integrator of applications on QNAP & Asustor NAS
... most of them are used by me ... so hope I can do some first level of support
... some are on request from users or NAS team member

My lab :
... TS-219PII, TS-431+, TS-228A, TAS-168 (+Android) for Arm models (32 and 64 bits armel and armhf)
... TS-459, TS-169L, TS-653 + UX-500P for Intel models
... TVS-473 for AMD series
others : TS-109 (my first personal NAS) under Debian stretch ; Qgenie
Asustor :
... AS-302T for Intel 32 bits
... AS-5002T for Intel 64 bits
... AS-1002T for armhf series

TS-653, TVS-473, AS5002T ... support HDMI output with descent I.G.P.

Networks :
... LaBOX (SFR cable) ; LivePlay (Orange fiber)
routers :
... Netgear WRT3500 x 2 and Netgear WRT3800 under DD-WRT (Linux)
... Keenetic GIGA (with opkg) and also used at 3G/4G router with USB adapter
... ALL Gigabit LAN (two sub-net) some with manageable switch

Other servers :
Windows : (10 Pro)
... 3 servers with multiple Virtual Machine (Vmware, Virtualbox, Qemu) for integration
... 2 Desktop
... 2 Laptop and 1 Tablet
Android :
... Tablets + Smartphone

My skills (limited) :
First it's on networks ...
then in Linux, Windows, Virtualization (Vmware, Virtualbox and limited QEMU)
in Linux I have some knowledge in script and global architecture and administration
I am NOT a real developer ... more an integrator.

QNAP / Asustor package integrator
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Re: Hi I am Philippe

Post by deoau » Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:08 am

Hi Philippe,

I am Dathi from Sydney Australia. I have used QNAP and Kodi for many many years.

I discovered your qpkg when I upgraded hardware a year ago and discover QNAP had removed Kodi/DTS support. The last year has been a bumpy ride, but many answers I found in the forums. Great idea to have this forum dedicated to the packages you share.

Your Kodi package and support for the QNAP community is fantastic, great respect for the work and effort you put in. :D
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