[MyHD Kodi18] tips & Tricks / information

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[MyHD Kodi18] tips & Tricks / information

Post by philippe » Sun Dec 23, 2018 6:06 pm


F.Y.I. (THIS is also true for Kodi17 provide in myHD )

... Kodi18 can be updated to rc3 use the command, in A.D.M. terminal (ssh) : myHD apt_upgrade_package
... Kodi18 support Remote Control (based on xbmc support from Asustor Remote-Center)
... ... F.Y.I. Asustor map R.C. key to key (or key descriptor (like right, left, etc.) using xdotool ( if I am not in error after analyzing the code)
... ... so the key generated are send as keyboard input on X server (so to the active windows)
... ... Kodi18 can't see event as LIRC (as if you have a Pulse-Eight Adapter for ex.) BUT as keyboard input
... Kodi18 use pulseaudio or HDMI direct output including pass-through
... ... THIS direct HDMI output can require a reconfiguration (please use shell provide to test and know the good configuration (in myHD : /myHD_scripts/bin/test_pulse_Intel_config.sh ))
... Kodi18 can use mysql (mariadb) for settings ... IF YOU CHOICE to use databse
... ... you can use a private mysql/mariadb (install it in myHD) or better use the mysql/mariadb provide by Asustor
... ... in this case (A.D.M. mysql/mariadb) use ONLY TCPIP to join the database (localhost / Port (3306 as default)) NEVER try using Unix socket (myHD is an isolated environment)
... kodi18 have a know problem with some Workgroup .. so browse Workgroup (not named workgroup (this one works)) failed
... ... to work around this problem use ever : "Add network location" and chose SMB then fill the form (SMB works it's browse that have error) OR use "Zeroconf browser" if you have validate Bonjour in your NAS settings (in Asustor it's in MacOS services) .

... it's all for now.

Asustor package integrator
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