Installation / first run

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Installation / first run

Post by philippe » Sun Dec 16, 2018 11:45 am


Plex Media Player 2 is not available as a PPA for Ubuntu ... so it's a personal build

The delivery is a folder in /opt (of myHD) containing
... Plex Media Player itself
... MPV player (command line to test some functions (as in non myHD QPKG)
... The correct version of Qt use by P.M.P. (special patch)

How-to use it :
Install using myHD_apkg command (in an Asustor console/terminal)
myHD_apkg install pmp
If pmp Asportal APKG is not yet generated ... use
myHD_apkg create pmp
... then install using previous command
... Plex need to enter your registration ... in default Desktop mode it's done by calling Web Browser (but due to a sandbox problem with Chrome) ... it don't works at this time
... workaround : change to TV mode (upper right switch) ... then use link ... and an external browser connected to your Plex account (PC, Android, IOS, etc.) to enter the key for validation proposed

Then use it as usual ...
To use mpv to test or run ... the PATH is /opt/pmp/mpv/bin/mpv in myHD
FIRST enter in myHD (myHD_user USER_NAME)
THEN run the command ...

Update will use a "special" update process ... provide in short time

Asustor package integrator
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