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Installation / Update

Post by philippe » Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:00 pm


kodi18 QPKG (test in lowercase) appear as MH_kodi18 in Asportal :
When a APKG in myHD is name kodi18 THE REAL NAME for Asportal is MH_kodi18 (it's to identify easily all myHD's APKG)
Kodi18 is from the official unstable (Beta and R.C.) PPA from Kodi team

install kodi18 QPKG if it's not already done
In a terminal do :
myHD_apkg install kodi18
... if APKG is already installed ... no problem ... the previous APKG is deleted and the actual (same ?) is installed ... so don't be worry ... only delay (short)
... IN CASE of error due to lack of APKG file create it ...
myHD_apkg create kodi18

Where are the .kodi folder (settings, log, etc.)
in myHD user HOME ... so for "astr" user in /home/astr
... do myHD_user astr ... and you are immediately inside

How I can install some binary addons from Ubuntu PPA :
Enter in myHD as root (myHD_root) then install as usual
apt-get install name_of_the_package
To get the packages available do :
apt-cache search kodi | grep ^kodi | grep -v dbg
... and select name with -pvr / -audioencoder / -audiodecoder / -visualization / -inputstream / -audiodsp / -imagedecoder etc. basic kodi is already installed
To get the installed part do :
dpkg -l kodi* | grep ^ii
OR ask the community ... :lol:

just done by using Ubuntu apt manager as root (myHD_root)
apt-get update ; apt-get dist-upgrade ... if kodi have a new version you can get it
OR use in A.D.M. console
myHD apt_upgrade_package

[Know problem]
Browse S.M.B. don't work in some case
... you can workaround usinf "Bonjour" or direct definition of network access ...

For Debug and Tips & Tricks (ex; for S.M.B. problem) use this post : PROVIDE LATER

Asustor package integrator
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