[myHD new APKG] Teaser for BETA 1 (v O.7)

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[myHD new APKG] Teaser for BETA 1 (v O.7)

Post by philippe » Thu Dec 13, 2018 6:53 pm


I am please to announce the availability of a new APKG : myHD
myHD is a complete Ubuntu 16.04 (for the moment) able to support Ubuntu Applications like Kodi18 but also (port by myself) Kodi17.6 and PlexMediaPlayer and hundred of others applications ...
myHD is NOT a "Linux Station" ... it use Asportal (and Xorg) provide by Asustor ... so ALL applications are view as Asportal Application
myHD is secure (it's a name space chroot environment with private PID, Mount, IPC ... to protect your NAS)
myHD use Ubuntu internal update / upgrade ... so NEVER wait for last version, last security patches, last library update

Before introducing more detail a screen shot : (Right click and open in a new windows or scroll down to see)
Asportal view with myHD application
myHD_reduit.png (1014.08 KiB) Viewed 244 times
Some Details :
myHD is an Alpha version but working (with certainly bugs) ... so some part are "works in progress"
myHD included applications (but you must add more) :
... kodi18 RC2 ; Kodi17.6 ; PlexMediaPlayer 2 ; Chrome last stable (v74) ; netfilx and Primevideo (even Asustor version works as well) ; Vlc ... etc. etc.
myHD install is a little long (due to the download of the full Ubuntu environment) BUT you can use a script to pre-download the requested file to reduce the elapse at installation time.
myHD works in 3 parts :
... part1 the APKG itself
... part2 the Ubuntu
... part3 the MH_xxx APKG to launch myHD application and provide Asportal icons
A specific uninstall procedure is provided to avoid risk for your data (and if you remove myHD but forget to remove others parts ... we provide script to do the complete remove ... )
myHD include an APKG generator
... to create then install MH_xxx myHD application launcher
... BUT also open for add your own (3 files are requested ... a short xxxx.cfg (config : Version, Icon name, Shell name, color backgroun for Asportal icon), a unique icon 256x256 or any square icon, a start_up shell script to launch the application in myHD)
... the generator can create the .apk, install, remove it etc. etc.
myHD use Video Acceleration, pulseaudio and direct HDMI sound ... support A.V.R. (with usual problems)

Knows problems :
Linked to Asustor :
... Asportal (aswm) windows manager don't provide decoration and top bar (except for Chrome) and I don't know how change this ...
... Asportal don't have task bar and don't have login to manage multi-user (when myHD can if this exist a day ... in asportal)
... A.D.M. use kernel 4.4.24 ... GPL source generate bad modules ... so some application (for ex. snap) can't run at this time
... A.D.M. use kernel 4.4.24 ... that contains know bugs for some Namespace management (ex. nsenter) ... solved in 4.8 and more L.T.S. delivery
... A.D.M. build seem to use Pivot root and some incompatible mode to run the Ubuntu at systemd init ... so this add few (but real) constraints.
... Xorg / Asportal propose Video Acceleration (VA-API) version 1.7.x ... this prevent standard Ubuntu 18.04 to works (V. 2.x is compatible only with 1.8.3 version) ... under works
... ... I will have to rebuild VA-API for 18.04 availability ... but it's against my target to keep Ubuntu unchanged (as possible) except configuration files
Linked to myHD :
... kodi18 take long time to close at exit (in fact Kodi18 stop in 2 second ... but Asportal screen come back after 25 sec.) ... kodi17 don't have this problem it's under study
... myHD don't support Autorun (even I have to test a solution)
... myHD can use (or not) remote control ... I don't have any information about how add and choice remote control configuration (But external remote through Android or IOS works as well ... )
... and lot of unknown for the moment bugs.

myHD is Alpha because I have only ONE NAS for development and test ... so something can works in my system and perhaps not on other NAS (except some require configuration)

Target for first delivery : Start of next week
I search testers ... even I think it's not possible to break your NAS ... it's always a risk ...

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