[PlexMediaPlayer 2.9.0] Include mpv player (command line)

Port of Plex Media Player 2 on Asustor NAS
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[PlexMediaPlayer 2.9.0] Include mpv player (command line)

Post by philippe » Mon Apr 16, 2018 6:02 pm


Please find here a new version of PlexMediaPlayer 2 (2.9.0)
New versions starting with 2.4.1+ are NOW open for ALL USERS
REMEMBER ... only Windows and Mac version, officially exist ... NO Linux, NO embedded versions exist so be patient and keep cool ... :lol:

This APKG can run in parallel with PMP 1.3.5+ stable Public BUT require to update PMP 1.3.5 to PMP (coherent scripts)
==== SO YOU DON'T lost anything running now =====
https://forum.asustor.com/viewtopic.php ... =70#p26009


2.9.0 (due to a screen problem ... tested without sound ... sorry)
... after tests return to converge ... libva build is 0.4000 ... but no error using libva 0.3903 (Asustor) ... require only libva 0.33
... APKG new :
... ... change mpv folder to mpv2 to avoid confusion with pmp1
... ... so launching manually mpv is now /opt/mpv2/bin/mpv --options ... when before it's /opt/mpv/bin/mpv (important to run tests to identify if a problem come from PMP or from MPV lib
Plex Media Player v2.9.0 is now available to all macOS and Windows users.
Desktop web-client updated to 3.47.1
Added automatic fallback to transcode if direct playing music fails
Updated translations
Fixed an issue that prevented toggling between timed and untimed lyrics
Fixed library lists sometimes not scrolling to the end correctly
Fixed the dashboard type list sometimes not scrolling to the end correctly
Don't show the library list if there are no libraries available
Fixed a rare bug that could cause pointer-only UI elements to appear while not controlling the app with a pointer
Fixed an issue with news tags sometimes appearing offscreen
Fixed an issue where going to an empty recording schedule page would make the application unresponsive to input
Fixed UI sounds
... APKG diverge from code for other NAS brand due to the fact that Asustor is stay in Libva 1.7.1 (or 3) (0.3903) ... when other brand move to libva 1.8.3 (0.4000)
... changelog between 1.7.3 and 1.8.3 is here : https://github.com/intel/intel-vaapi-dr ... aster/NEWS (new version can't be used in this version of Xorg / Intel graphic driver)

... fix APKG NO CHANGE in P.M.P.
... SAME as 2.6.0
... suppress list of series supported (due to new Asustor model)

... mpv updated to 1.28 (350 commits + fix for CVE-2018-6360 )
... pmp2


Plex.tv team have solved the Conan problem (if fact stop using it)

... changelog : https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comme ... nt_1600272
... big update ... BUT problem for generating under Linux exist ... fortunately a plex github user "johnskopis" have started a workaround use for this version

... update PMP
... last mpv library
... unknown changelog
... update libmpv (the player) to last version
... ... due to a cp error, no impact, 2.1.0 works as well, but better to have all committed patches included

... initial release

PlexMediaPlayer preview : https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/28096 ... -0-preview
New interface BUT for Asustor user, please use a keyboard (or configure as before IR remote (and test))
because ARROW are very important for the new GUI ( up to see list of server per type of media), left and right for moving in menu) ... mouse can also be used but more limited (so combine the two is the best solution)
image hereafter from Plex.tv site (copyright Plex.tv, real URL just here before)

[Releases Notes]

If you want to use your actual settings of PMP 1 (like an update) do (but not really recommended prefer reset your settings) :
cp -pPR /usr/local/AppCentral/pmp/home /usr/local/AppCentral/pmp2/

[Tested on]

APKG 2.9.0 : https://www.father-mande.ovh/A/apkg/pmp ... x86-64.apk

APKG 2.8.0 : https://www.father-mande.ovh/A/apkg/pmp ... x86-64.apk

Have fun
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