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[suggestion] more smilies

Posted: Tue May 29, 2018 9:33 pm
by Moogle Stiltzkin
just a sampling of some decent ones i managed to find.

Onion Smilies (animations)

Onion Heads
Image ... -pack.html

THE 2S SPACE Emoticons
Image ... -pack.html

Image ... -pack.html

Rice Balls by David Lanham 26


onion smilies are very expressive, cute and anime stylish. Problem is, it's not to everyones taste (especially if you hate anime :? or cute)

THE 2S SPACE Emoticons is more acceptable for western audience. still cute but in a more laid back expressive way.

Yolks the artwork is very impressive, put it that way.

who doesn't like rice balls? :mrgreen:

and to go with smilies is a way to manage them. this extension adds a box with a scroll wheel making it more easier to fit and use. ... scroll_box

and here is the guide for managing phpbb3 smilies ... ng-smilies