[OpenPHT 1.8.0] next version perhaps ... by a new team (one year stopped)

OpenPHT 1.8.0 questions
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[OpenPHT 1.8.0] next version perhaps ... by a new team (one year stopped)

Post by philippe » Wed Apr 18, 2018 5:36 pm


OpenPHT had been stopped one year ago ... but a new team seem to works on v 2.0
stay tunned ...

I am please to announce and provide port of OpenPHT (PlexHomeTheater) 1.8.0 (last) on NAS ...

This version use a specific HOME FOLDER in /share/homes/newpht1.6/
... please test and return

SO clearly (as I know NO Ubuntu official package exist for now) ... it's advanced :lol: :lol:

Please uninstall ANY openPHT before 1.6.0 already installed (1.5.2 is based on XBMC Frodo (12) ... 1.6 is based on KODI 16) normally you keep your settings available ... you must have to save it (in case of) and you can put it in the NEW FOLDER if you need to restart with your previous settings ...

ATTENTION : MAJOR change have been done by team (all structure is modified to be exclusively for "openpht")

[Know restrictions / Bugs]
ONLY tested with AE_ENGINE=ALSA (for Kodi motor audio engine) ... so if you have sound problem :
... 1 think to uncheck audio pass-through ... AND BE SURE to have selected the GOOD audio HDMI output
... 2 suppress it (the AE_ENGINE line) and try using pulseaudio (even ALSA generate a better quality)

on TS-x53 , TS-x73 QTS 4.3.3 HD_Station (last)
ATTENTION I have not tested the others skin proposed Aeon Nox 5.2.2 ; Aeon Nox 5.2.3 ; Plex - Black Edition and default OpenPHT (tested) ... up to you to be the first one ...

[Model supported]
ALL QNAP with HD_Station 3.1+ (Intel or AMD) ... no support for x69 and others models using old ATOM with PowerVR graphic chip


[Version and QPKG changelog]
... update OpenPHT

1.7.1 (1.7.0 suppress due to crash problems) :
... update of all structure
... ffmpeg move to 2.8.8
... Mouse is now usable (you have to set it in settings)
... complete changelog hereafter

1.6.2 :
... reintegrate ffmpeg inside the delivery
... read changelog hereafter for OpenPHT release
... now Ubuntu package are available (even not use on NAS) ... so source is more coherent ... :
... add libraries missing to support CEC : initial version

This release is dedicated to @nedthenerd, thanks for all the hard work you have put into RasPlex and OpenPHT over the years, you will be deeply missed!
Lots of new features and fixes in this release, as such we expect there to be some glitches, please report any new issues you encounter.
- Improved Streaming Brain support
- Improved iOS companion support
- Support for showing imdb rating
- Preference option to include watched in watch later and recommended
- Skin option to hide fanart in library
- Lots of skinning engine and other improvements: (thanks @bkury )
- Mouse Support
- New preference category for OpenPHT options
- Preference option to stack recently added
- Preference option to disable preplay screen based on content
- Added reboot option on supported systems (default skin)
- Support for 3rd-party Kodi remote apps (e.g. Yatse)
- FileManager and SystemInfo support (requires skin support)
- Quick filter support (requires skin support)
- V.L. System M-Play Blast remote support
- Updated Italian translation (thanks @NicolaIsotta )
- Updated help and version branding (now say OpenPHT instead of XBMC on command line)
- Updated to ffmpeg 2.8.8
- OSX/Windows: Update curl, openssl and other depends
- Linux: Changed install path and support for building on 32-bit ubuntu/debian
- Intel_EGL: Switch to linux 4.7.10 to improve Skylake support (also contains latest nvidia drivers)
- Odroid_C2: Possibly to power-on using hardkernels IR-Remote or CEC
- Odroid_C2: Support for multi-channel LPCM audio
- Odroid_C2: Lots of improvements and changes from LibreELEC master
- Embedded: New images for WeTek_Hub and WeTek_Play_2
- Performance/smoothness and CPU usage optimizations (fixed cpu spike when browsing library)
- Fix search window focus issue
- Fix reconnecting to the adapter upon libcec callback CEC_ALERT_CONNECTION_LOST
- Fix typo ('Video resolution to large' now 'Video resolution too large')
- Fix missing overlay/episode info for focused deck item
- Fix selected item when returning to home window
- Allow shared servers to be used as best server (fixes channel issue when only shared servers is available)
- Only use best server service lookup for myplex clips
- Fix for broken music volume with Apple Remote (thanks @WN1188 )
- Update to linux 4.4.30 and latest rpi firmware
- Fix for mixed content in photo libraries
Known Issues
- Windows SmartScreen could block the installer, use the Run anyway option to install
- Auto-update of windows portable installs will fail and corrupt your portable install
for manual install (3rd-repository are not yet enough stable) AFTER unzip


have fun.

QNAP / Asustor package integrator
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