My QPKG list for Qemu Applications and Samples QNAP NAS

For QNAP - QPKG List :

MyQemu 2.10     MyQemu 2.10.1
                            Add support for arm (el or hf) and arm64 (aarch64) To execute ARM chroot or V.M. on QNAP x86_64
                            Qemu 2.10 permit more support than QNAP qemu 2.3 (in QVS 12/2017)
                            MyQemu provide also for advanced testers i386 and x86_64 VM emulator ... not a good idea for non expert in Qemu
                            MyQemu 2.10.1 don't require QVS anymore (EVEN modules : virtio* kvm* vhost* macvlan/macvtap are best for performance)
                            So ... this can run on for ex. TS-x69 or TS-x59 (64 bits) even qemu erformance can be low BUT chroot can be used

Samples :     Samples are really JUST TO GET EXAMPLES of usage (private I.P. or internal NAT) console mode or GUI (VNC) etc. etc.
                    BUT all are working ... and chroot can be use AS IS (not so complex than V.M.)
                    This samples can be loaded directly from MyQemu QPKG on NAS (/etc/init.d/

Chroot ARMHF (armv7l) Ubuntu Xenial pre-configured chroot Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 with basic script to launch it (QTS script)
                                                                    Please feel free to change it (ex. mount /dev, /proc and /sys inside the chroot)

V.M. ARM64 (Ubuntu Xenial)    Virtual Machine + launch script ARM64 (Cortex-A57 multiprocessor) same adapt the script
                                                 users : root / qnapfr1 ; philippe / qnapfr1 ssh port 22 active
                                                  networks bridge so external I.P. same subnet than QNAP
                                                  PLEASE wait for new version with script don't using QVS modules anymore ... coming soon)

V.M. RaspberryPI1    V.M. (old method) of a RaspberryPI V1 (arm1176) ... just to show VNC GUI ...
                                 user : pi / raspberry netwok internal to QNAP (private using NAT)
                                 SSH access via port 5022 (QNAP side) mapped to port 22 in VM
                                 NO optimisation, so performance are low ... prefer build new raspi2 supported by qemu 2.10 and optimize as usual (proc. X11 size, etc.)  


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