My QPKG list for Media Applications QNAP NAS

For QNAP - QPKG List :

Kodi QPKG :

Mykodi 16    Kodi 16 for HD_Station 3.1 and more Intel And AMD

Mykodi 17.6 Kodi 17.6 Final (last Kodi17 version) for HD_Station 3.1 and more Intel And AMD (Nov 2017) include "private" Python ADD some library call only on request

MyKodi 18   Kodi18.0a1 Leia Alpha1 Official updated from Github... Mai 2018 ...New add python 2.7.14 (reinstall addons can be needed) + libraries not avaialable in Ubuntu 14.04 (HD_Station)
                        ... Python updated to support Netflix addon and other requiring Cryptodome
                        ... backport of all libraries / tools not supported in Ubuntu 14.04 ... use libva 0.40 (Ubuntu used 0.3904)

plugin.program.Launcher.forqnap 10.2 for mykodi17 / 18 start HD_Station Application from Kodi addons interface (add your own) install as zip in addons Kodi section


Plex Media Player QPKG :

Plex Media Player      1.3.12 for HD_Station 3.1/ 3.2 and more Intel And AMD (Dec. 30 2017) compatible with PMP 2 Beta (parallel mode)

Plex Media Player 2   2.20.0 for HD_Station 3.1/3.2 and more Intel And AMD (Oct.  2018) for ALL users (new libraries)


NetFlix (use Chrome) 1.0 use installed Chrome to get Netflix in Full screen mode (need a netflix account)

OpenPHT 1.8.0 client Plex for HD_Station 3.1 and more Intel And AMD (21 March 2017)


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