My QPKG list for QNAP NAS

For QNAP - QPKG List :


MultiMedia : Kodi, Plex players, Netflix  ( ALL Kodi, Plex Players (PlexMediaPlayer, OpenPHT) versions, Netflix )

MyQemu       Qemu 2.10 extension for QNAP's Virtualisation Station (x86_64) adding ARM 32 and 64 Bits (Chroot , VM) support
                            ... Qemu use by QNAP (12/2017) is v 2.3
                            ... Qemu 2.10 add multiprocessing upport for qemu-system-aarch63

myHD New ... add an isolated FULL Ubuntu 16.04 L.T.S. for graphic applications
                        WITHOUT need of Cantainer-Station NOR virtualisation Station
                        All applications can be accessed DIRECTLY from HD_Station desktop
                        QPKG generator permit easily to integrate your own software (from Ubuntu or PPA or any source (including compliation)


x11vnc server for HD_Station 3.1 and more Intel And AMD

Filezilla client for HD_Station 3.1 and more Intel And AMD

Dislocker read / write Bitlocker Encrypted Partitions for QTS 4.2 +

DarkTable 1.6.8 Darktable fro phtos

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