My APKG list for Asustor NAS

For Asustor - APKG List :

Plex Media Player APKG :

Plex Media Player 1.3.12 x86_64 for Asportal (Dec. 2017) TESTED only on ADM 3.0 compatible with PMP 2 Beta

Plex Media Player 2 2.20.0 Oct. 2018 for ALL users

Serviio 1.9 for ... file named 1.9.1 but it's just a incorrect (but not modifiable) name error version IS 1.9.0 ANY Asustor (including ARM) ... using my version of ffmpeg3

Serviio 1.9.1 for ANY Asustor (including ARM) ... using Asustor ffmpeg3 version

OpenPHT 1.8.0 x86_64 for Asportal (include support xorg R29 and new Asportal 1227) New Xorg solve problem of tearing menu

Netdata 1.4.0 Netdata update Dec 2016

Python :

Python 2.7.13 (x86_64) Python 2.7.13 (Armhf) Python for other APKG using VirtualEnv

Python 3.5.2 (x86_64) Python 3.5.2 (Armhf) Python 3.5.2 for other APKG using VirtualEnv

Droidmote server DroidMote Server 3.0.2 ... for remote control client on Android / IOS / etc.

FFmpeg 3.1.3 (x86_64) FFMpeg 3.1.3 (Armhf) FFMpeg 3.1.3 (Must be remove when official ffmpeg3 will be available)

GateOne (x86_64) GateOne (Armhf) HTML5 web-based terminal emulator and SSH client

jdownloader2 1.4.1 Oct 2017 solve a shell bug complexifying internal update comp. ADM 3.0 (other JRE then old JRE provide by Asustor easily supported)

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