MyHD ... QPKG list of Applications QNAP NAS

Applications Ubuntu 16.04 :
        generated using myHD QPKG generator
        Installed through PPA as any Ubuntu App. or build by me

Kodi17 17.6 ... build by me in /opt/kodi17

Kodi18 Beta 3 and + (unstable build from Kodi PPA)

PlexMediaPlayer 2.20.0 ... build by me in /opt/pmp (include Qt version require)

Vlc 2.2.27 from official PPA

Chrome last build from official PPA

Netflix ... just a call through Chrome in App. mode

Test ... a sample to integrate your own QPKG ... in fact launch Xterm in myHD


myHD  Release Candidate  0.5.1 Please READ the install procedure before using it ... it's a complex QPKG

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