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Server of QPKG (QNAP Packages) / APKG (Asustor Packages)


LOCAL Forum on My QPKG/APKG (under construction ... extended shortly)


myHD new QPKG for integrate lot of Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 L.T.S. graphics applications in HD_Station

Due to QNAP policy to focus on QNAP and QNAP team member QPKG ONLY ... some of my own  QPKG are cancelled to avoid any form of conflict with QNAP

I am a user no more ... so not in position to have my own policy ... sorry for everyone (if exist) that used my QPKG ... next cancel coming soon ...

My Asustor APKG : Asustor Page

What new : Serviio 1.9.1 (0Dec. 2017) ; PlexMediaPlayer 2.14.1 (June 2018) For all users ; PlexMediaPlayer 1.3.12 (Dec. 30 2017)